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Bio : As the first born daughter of a convicted bank robber, Bree Rock's appreciation of the dramatic and unusual was cultivated at an early age. This appreciation led her to the theatre and eventually to circus, where the unusual was usual and drama had much higher stakes.
Press :
"Bree Rock, contortionist extraordinaire, a great presence onstage, who distinguished herself as the title vixen in Oakland Opera Theatre’s production of Stravinsky’s Renard last fall..."
              Ken Bullock, The Berkeley Daily Planet
"Bree Rock's fox was a sinuous tangle of prowling menace"
              Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle
"The highlight for me... was Bree Rock's performance" "Rock mesmerized the audience"
              William Quillen, San Francisco Classical Voice
"Bree Rock...was so beautifully was impossible not to be seduced by those languorous movements."
              Linda Ayres-Frederick, San Francisco Bay Times
Cortez, Colorado circa 1985